Monday, 16 May 2016

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

The Highway Analogy to Global Issues

We have all experienced being caught in highway traffic jams that seem to go on for eternity. You just want to get out of this mess as fast as possible. And when you finally are able to floor the pedal there appears to be no apparent reason for the log jam.

Put the blame on slow drivers or reckless ones.
What is the real cause of traffic jams?

Get a hold of this.
You, me, we are the problem. We are the solution.

The solution is a simple one.
Don't drive faster than the vehicle ahead of you.
What kind of pansy do you think I am?
Here is the logic.

A fast car sends the wrong message to all traffic following behind. When the fast car has to hit the brakes to accommodate the real flow up ahead, all following traffic have to do the same thing and traffic throughput comes to a grinding halt. To correct the situation, all traffic must gradually pick up speed at the same rate. You must avoid stop and go driving otherwise you're going back to speed zero.

Think of it this way. You are the leader of the pack coming behind you. You have the vision of the traffic flow up ahead. Send the right message to others following you.

That, my friend, is the highway analog to real world issues such as environmental destruction, social inequity and economic slowdown.

You, me, we are the problem. Don't blame it on others. We are also the solution.

Think of it in another way. Suffering from work overload? Going from deadline to deadline, from crisis to crisis? Give yourself some space. You need elasticity. When traffic flow has elasticity it is able to cushion the occasional bumps. When there is slack in the traffic or workload, it is better able to handle extra load.

Don't go so fast. Slow down, give yourself extra space.
Relax, enjoy life, control your desire to get ahead of others and be more accommodating of the needs of others.

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