Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hamilton area seniors risk arrest in Climate Welcome sit-in

Hamilton Area Seniors Risking Arrest in Climate Welcome Sit-in 
Local residents joining hundreds in Ottawa to demand
Justin Trudeau take bold action at UN climate summit
Several Hamilton area residents are in Ottawa this weekend for what could be the largest act of climate civil disobedience in Canadian history. Every day from November 5-8, First Nations and Metis Indigenous people will lead a march to the residence of newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where participants will stage a sit-in to demand that commit to a freeze in tar sands expansion and begin the transition to a justice-based, clean energy economy.
Retired teacher and Environment Hamilton supporter Richard Reble explained why he’s risking arrest at the Climate Welcome: “There are some things that are worth sacrificing for and action on climate change is one of them. By risking jail I am showing how seriously I take the need for drastic action now on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is the most serious problem that life on Earth has faced.”
Reble has led hikes for the Bruce Trail Conservancy for 25 years and also volunteers at a local hospice. He currently lives in Grimbsy. Other Hamilton area seniors joining him in the trek to Ottawa are David Bennett (71) of Mount Hope and Dave Johnson (74) of Dundas, both active with the Hamilton 350 Committee.
“I believe that the success or failure of any efforts to address global warming and climate change will be driven by a grass roots lead reaction of the people,” says Johnson. “Only mass opinion and demand for effective action will produce the level of political action required both in Canada and around the world.”
‘Welcome Gifts’ are being delivered to the Prime Minister for every day of the action to show the moral, economic, scientific and Indigenous rights reasons for freezing tar sands expansion. The gifts include scientific reports and broken treaties, millions of anti-pipeline and anti-tar sands petition signatures, and solar panels to incorporate into the renovations of 24 Sussex Drive.
“There are less than 40 days until the Paris climate talks, and it’s past time that Canada was on the right side of history when it comes to climate change, and certainly in its relationship with First Nations Peoples” said Clayton Thomas-Muller, ‘Stop it at the Source’ campaigner with the global climate change campaign “We think Justin Trudeau can step up and lead on this, but to do it he needs to take bold, ambitious action. Scientists say that 85% of tar sands reserves must stay in the ground to keep within the 2°C limit for a safe climate. The world is currently on track for 6 degrees of warming by the end of the century.”
The actions come less than a month before Justin Trudeau is scheduled to appear at the UN summit on climate change in Paris, France that opens on November 30. A “Hamilton2Paris” rally is taking place at Hamilton City Hall at 3 pm on Sunday, November 29 to allow local residents to express their concerns about climate change.
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